Water management standards

Technical standards are an expression of requirements for a product, process or service and their specific conditions for the intended purpose of use. Standards sets basic requirements for quality and safety, compatibility, interchangeability, health and the environment. Currently, the technical standard of qualified recommendation and its use is a win-win.

We are showing only European standard for water engineering standards on this website, when you will find International standards (ISO) or other European standards please visit www.en-standard.eu 

European Standards for water management can be partition in these main categories:

Water management. Terminology

Sewerage (Sewerage networks, Structures of sewerage networks, Piping materialsSewage purification, Technological equipment, Acceptance - testing and operation,  



Hydroamelioration (Survey works, Drainage, Watering

Erosion protection of agricultural land

Improvement of water flows

Water reservoirs and dams

Protection of water sources

Protection of water by manipulation with pollutants and their storage

Water supply ( General standards, Water diversion and storage, Water treatmentTreatment of pumping waterWater pipingStructures of water mains)

Chemical products for water treatment

Water quality (Sampling, Requirements for water quality,  Inspection and evaluation of water and sludge quality, Physical analysis of waterChemical analysis of waterRadiological analysis of waterBiological analysis of water, Microbiological analysis of waterAnalysis of sludge)




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